• The Knickerbocker Hotel

    I leave a piece of my heart every time I go to New York. This was my second time traveling to New York, and I always miss the city as soon as I leave. The buildings, the hustle, the culture, the lifestyle… I absolutely love and adore every aspect of what the city has to offer.

    Before arriving on my trip… I totally hit a bump in the road. I went to the airport at 11 pm for my 11:59 pm flight and came to realize I booked my flight a day later than what I originally planned. There were no flights out until the next morning at 6 AM. I decided it wasn’t worth traveling all the way back home so I decided to pull an all-nighter at the check-in lobby.

    I made it through the night and slept the whole way to NYC. As I arrived in the heart of Time Square at the Knickerbocker hotel, I was immediately at ease when I was greeted by the front desk. My check in was easy and quick, just the way I like it!

    As I entered the hotel room, I was filled with excitement to know I was going to spend the next 3 days sleeping comfortably and luxuriously with my two best friends. The staff was AMAZING and catered to anything that we needed. Trinity, Katie and I decided to relax in the room before we began getting ready for our night out. As we were laying around in bed, our door rang with a complimentary wine and delicious charcuterie plate to start off our trip.

    My experience was unforgetful and I was so pleased with my experience at the Knickerbocker Hotel. I recommend staying here because the rooms are spacious and comfortable. The location is great and is walking distance from everything you need. The staff is caring and friendly and always took care of any needs that we had. Because it was so cold outside (20 degrees), we spent a majority of our times inside our hotel room in between events. This hotel was definitely our second home during our trip.